Robert Trowers

My Jazz Scrapbook


"My Jazz Scrapbook" is a collection of pictures and reminiscences that I put together for anyone who might be interested in the sequence of events that make up this thing called my career. I start as far back as I can remember and give as much insight as I can into the experiences that I have had. Keep in mind that I can only give my point of view, as it is the only reference that I have!  I hope you enjoy it and can derive some benefit from it.

Sociopolitical Factionalism


You know, touring musicians spend a lot of time on "conveyances", be they airliners, trains, or most commonly, buses. This piece was written while I was on an extended tour of Sweden with the Count Basie band. Having observed the members for a number of months, I noticed quite a few "characters" and decided to write about them in a comic manner. Since we spent many hours on the band bus going from city to city, I bought a spiral notebook, a couple of good pens, and just watched and wrote. "Sociopolitical Factionalism" is the result, and the pseudonym says it all. Have fun!

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