Robert Trowers

Elementary Jazz Trombone - Jazz technique book for trombonists

  Elementary Jazz Trombone is just what the title states; a book that gives the trombonist some basic and fundamental approaches to playing the trombone in the "Jazz" idiom.

  It is a compilation of exercises that I wrote for myself over the years that helped me to develop as a "Jazz" player. It contains simple, easy to remember exercises that focus on tone production, flexibility and articulation. From there, it moves on to some improvisational approaches to the Blues and II - V - I progressions.

  The book assumes some basic knowledge of the trombone (1 - 3 years experience depending on your rate of development) and of the piano keyboard. For the Blues & II - V - I exercises, an accompaniment app would be very helpful, if you can't find a pianist to "run the changes" with you.