Point Of View

Robert Trowers

An album that demonstrates the many personalities of the trombone when played by different artists.

Robert Trowers is a trombonist with 39 years of experience working in many of the top - level jazz groups in the United States. Among these are the Count Basie Band, Lionel Hampton, the Lincoln Center and Carnegie Hall Jazz bands, Randy Weston, Abdullah Ibrahim, and many others.

"Point of View" was Robert's attempt to show the many sides of the trombone by using different types of compositions and having guest artists with distinctly different ways of playing. The guests are hard - swinging plunger trombonist Al Grey, master bebopper Slide Hampton, and the dean of funk trombone, Fred Wesley. The compositions range from dreamy, moody pieces like "Statement" to hard - hitting bebop, such as "Minority". The pulse of funk is represented by "R&B", while "Spleep - Bop" is a swinger just made for plunger trombone. Throughout, there is the sound of the Robert Trowers quartet, backed by the redoubtable Richard Wyands on piano, Marcus McLaurine on bass, and Gene Jackson on drums.

Critics were impressed with this release as well. One stated that Robert Trowers "breathes new life into the instrument" while another said that "this record shows the trombone to be a very viable and exciting instrument. . . and Robert Trowers to be its future."

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